Sunday, January 8, 2006

A silly conversation about my last news (8-1-2006)

Me: hey

Smone: hay Abu Jassim I didnt c ya from a long time!

Me: well..iam around here, u know, so how do u do??

The same one: fine, wut about u??

Me: well..fine so how is the colloge and how is the ppl there?

That one: i am doing good in the colloge i am better than the last yr

Me: I bet u r better than them if u just work a lil hard

Also that one: huh, so what about u..did u have couple with sm girls or make a group with the girls, r they pretty??

Me: huh no..yea sm of them r pretty, I dont have any couple or a group with any girl I just talk with everyboy there its better in that way plus I dont go to colloge just for girls..

That one: oh, yea u dont like these things..just watch how I will beat this lil silly thin boy in billiards

The thin lil boy: shut the f**k up, I beat ya three times today

The thin lil boy again: so Abu Jassim, did u find ur mobile??

Me: Aaaaa...nope, I went to sm boy and he said that he dont have the mobile, I dunno if he was lying or not but anyway it is my fate

The first smone: wtf!!!!! When that think happened??

Me: in about 2 days ago I was with my friend he was giving me sm advices in geometrical drawing when I lost my mobile

The thin boy: yea it cost 500$

The first smone: 500$ wut was it??

Me: well, it is motorola

The first smone: u mean V3 right??

Me: no it was Motorola V620 it is modern than V3, Motorola have just made a new model newer than V620 in about week ago, its one of a kind

Smone I dont know "Yelling": y did u bring this mobile to the billiard center, dont u know there is many robbers might be here??

The first smone talking with that one who I dont know: dont talk with him like this way he didnt know that sm sucker would steal his mobile here coz we know everyone here, he had a bad luck in this

Me (whispering with my self): oh yea all the time I have that silly bad luck

Then a lil bla bla blah conversation between the first sm one and the other smones who I dont them, after that I told the first 1 that I will go to play network

When I was heading my way to the network sm blonde lil boy saw me and I was havin' this conversation with him

The blonde lil boy: hey

Me: hey

The blonde lil boy: so, where is abbass?

Me: I came alone today, my land phone is out of business and I dont know if he wanna come or not, I will play network, do u wanna come??

The blonde lil boy: yea but first call him in ur mobile ( the blonde lil boy didnt know that my mobile was stolen anyway I didnt bother myself to tell him so I said the mobile not with me right now) Dah

In the end I called Abbass from the blonde lil boy mobile phone and he agreed to come with his brother called bomber man and we played Medal of Honor and counter strike and finally went home and lived happily ever after.

Note: the thin lil boy is actually is a lil fat boy but the first sm one always made jokes about him and called him the thin one, Abu jassim is my nick name , Abbass & bomber man r also nick names of my frined and his bro and both dont know that my mobile is stolen from me till the time that I wrote this silly conversation..