Thursday, June 19, 2008

RaYmond DoMench & ScoRpio Cruise..!!

Raymond Domench, Born in 24 Jan 1952, He is a former french player and for now he is a Manager mal france national soccer team "he is on his way to be kick out"..

this man has a strange managment style of choosing his player squad..He Dont Choose any player who born under the Sign of scorpio and also dont like Leo people in defence..!!

His Excuse regarding Scorpio...that they are Kolish "extremely" Hesitate people..!! therefore, he didnt choose Robert Pires and David Trezequet who both are Scorpio "23 & 29 Oct" despite thier Such an excellent performance this season..

Trezequet Scored 22 goals to his team Juventos in Calcio "italian League" while Rober Pires had a great role to lead his team Villarrel to 2nd place in la liga "Spanish League"..

Okey, For God sake of scorpio Defence, Just to let you know Mr. Domench, Scorpio are Kolish Loyal & tha means they care alot about the close people to them...when they do a job, they Hesitate...because they want to seek perfection and in same way not to effect badly on close football means they hesitate because they want every pass to be right and effective, every chance to score is to be a goal, and you know Mr. Domench like i do that ROber Pires is the best play maker in the world since he was in Arsenal Or Villarrel as well as in france and trezequet is rarely miss his chance in front of the goal....and if you move back your Rusty Head 8 yrs ago Exactly in Euro 2000 Final, you will realize that Trezequet Scored the Winning goal while Pires was the one who assist the pass to Trezequet...

Just Imagine Domench to be a manager of Argentina in 1986, He will not Chosse Maradona who's in fact Scorpio "29 Oct" Just Because he's scorpio, the greatest Player in Football Histroy is Scorpio and hell Yea, He HESITATES, Got It..!!!

I was Watching Euro 2008 to see Domench and his team france, they got the best players in the Tournament but eventually they kicked out & frankly, i was so Happy, because Of Domench Unrealistic chossing of player Squad, He finally got what he Desrves, He got a Scorpio Cruise..Mwahahaha

Hint: His Problem with Leo, especially in defence, because he thinks in a moment Leo would Show off, and if a defence show off and made a mistake, that would be a problem, but in spite of that he choose Gallas in deffence bas didnt pick Clichy who's the best left Side back in England League, also Choose Thierry Henry and all three are Leo...So he dont have that big problems like he has with Scorpio..

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