Sunday, April 1, 2007

My Last Silly News..!!

Today was a big day for our department....before i start al details...i am gonna start from the early morning...i wake up at 7:50 am which i actually thought it was 6:50 so that means i slept at 2 am not 1 am..i didnt know that Iraq now is working on summer time so i rushed in and pick my clothes and went to univ.. i forgot my copybook and sedria Mal fluid lab...after i reached the univ some dude from first grade came to me and told me that they will play basket & asked me to last wedensday there was some students from first grade in my great department were playing basketball so i asked them to join and i played so hell good...back to the realiy, there was Fuel lecture which i was a lil late for it and didnt bring al copybook to write and no wahes for taking papers to write in, so i went to play with those dudes & A friend from my class too in the playing same time we were playing there was another team which was mal our department deathless enemey al mechanic department student...those mechanic students were actually the official team for al mechanic department which took 2nd place in univ tournament in basketball...we played with them & frankly it was a tough match but we kicked their Butts with a result 43 - 37... after that i went to the department and i was so tired cos i didnt sleep well...anyway i was face to face with "Um Jassim dash" ppl who dont know her...she is some girl in my new old class who actually "crush" on me & my friends always begging me to talk with her but my all time answer is no...its better to be garden than to be a couple...the best thing in being garden to be free all the time and of course we all know that freedom is the most precious thing in humanity...anyway i didnt talk with her and kinda 3'laset and went with my friends to centre mal univ to drink caffe just to refresh my self up...but after al thermo lecture & after some attraction looking and after my friends insistance to talk with her...dont know how but i said WTH...what's gonna happen if i talk with fact i am not good with girls in real cos i dont give compliment to anyone just in case i mean it and 2nd i always make fun and as i know most girls dont get guys joking..i talked with her and she was fine from my first expression...we spend about 25 mins talking some bla bla blah then i went back to my dudes who were so happy & invited me for a pepsi(I Like Mirinda)

other things...shatha won...still cant believe it especially that there were 7 million votes from inside Iraq only...ppl here were so crazy as well as in univ before that my lovely class we gathered money for her and so did the rest and some ppl put some adverts around univ about her but the best was putting the other student pics on the floor so everybody will step on them and today there was a lil party in univ with her pics and some funny advert..
oh i almost forget...these last news about what happened to me in 1th of some of them r ture and some are n9 true and the rest is bullshit..hahaha