Tuesday, March 11, 2008

To Be Or Not To Be....Thats the question..?!

Tomorrow 12-3-2008 10:30 Am.. is the big Day, Mechanic Eng. Soccer Team Will Face My Department "chemical Eng." Soccer Team in the Final Match Mal Univ Soccer Torunament, Huge Preperation are held up before the Match Like Chemical Students will all wear Blue Shirt just like our Flag, there will be Music, Flags, Poems in the Walls, and Koma things that will make it Kolish Exciting Match, I forgot to take pics for the poems but i hope everything will be just fine tommorow cos there's rumors that Mechanic Students made up sm Water balls and gonna through tommorow toward Chemical Students, everyone was talking about the match in chemical and mechanic department, its just like Shatha phenomena when she reached the final in Star Academy 4...in other word, there will be no Dawam Tommorow in both departments, maybe just the first lecture...

I will Talk a lil about the two teams and how did they reach the final

First Team : Mechanic Eng. , Last Yr they reached the Semi Final and lost with "applied science"

Official Dress: Arsenal FC Dress :D
Nick Name: Tmasee7 al Univ

they start the tournament in a group league with Material Eng. and Civil Eng, they won the first Match against Material Eng. 4 - 0 and draw
with Civil Eng 1 - 1 and qualified to quarter Final in the first place..

in Quarter Final, they met Lazer Eng Team, it was An early final because both are so strong, the match ended 0 - 0 and mechanic won by penalties 5 - 4, in Semi final al Mechanic Met Production Eng., everyone was expecting that Mechanic will take over Production Team with an easy win, but the thing that Production team was over control the match, they missed various of chances and just before 2 mins of finish time of 2nd Extra Time, Mechanic Scored the only Goal From Free Kick and won 1 - 0 and reach the final..

Second Team: Chemical Eng. , Last Yr they reached the Semi Final and lost with Elecromechanic "Ex - Champion"
Official Dress: Secondary Dress Mal FC Barcelona
Nick Name: Jewish Mal Univ

This Amazing Team starts the league in a group with Production Eng and Software Eng. Team, they Draw 1 - 1 with the first and won 4 - 2
over the second team "2nd best match in this tournament"

Chemical Eng qualified in 1st place in quarter Fianl, Chemical Met Applied Science Team, the 2nd Team was controling the match but chemicals were a lil lil lil lil bit lucky,
Science start scoring and chemical Got the Draw before 10 mins of the End, and in the Final Chemical Won by penalties 4 - 2..

the Semi Final Match was with Civil Eng. Team, it was the 2nd Semi final match and before it Mechanic reached the final and waiting for other team, this Match was so exciting, in fact it was the best match because Civil was one of the best Teams in the tournament in addition with
Mechanic and lazer, there was a huge Fans Gathered Around the Field, and also because i know friends in civil Department i was on bet with

them, anyway chemical Start scoring in the 2nd Half and before 5 mins of Ending time Civil Got the Draw, extra time end without anychanges the two teams played the penalties, civil were in the lead with 3 - 2 and still two kicks to play, we scored twice and the missed the last two and it ended 4 - 3 for chemical, it was one of the best moment i ever had, we were so nervous "chemical Fans" and screamed so loud and jumped when civil player didnt score the final kick...we even go to Mechanic department and cheer for our team just to piss them off...huh

anyway, my expectation is going to Mechanic to win the tournament, because we got a goalkeeper who's so suck, but i will keep on faith of winning the tournament..Chao

Update: Chemical Won the TOurnament...WoOoW
We are the champion Mal Univ...it ended 2 - 1

There was also Tournament Between Grades of Chemical Eng. to see who's the champion of the champion and guess what...3rd Grade win the Tournament..Cheers Up

First Match was with 2nd Grade and We won 3 - 1 and the final was with 4th grade and we won by pernalties after draw 1 - 1