Thursday, June 19, 2008

RaYmond DoMench & ScoRpio Cruise..!!

Raymond Domench, Born in 24 Jan 1952, He is a former french player and for now he is a Manager mal france national soccer team "he is on his way to be kick out"..

this man has a strange managment style of choosing his player squad..He Dont Choose any player who born under the Sign of scorpio and also dont like Leo people in defence..!!

His Excuse regarding Scorpio...that they are Kolish "extremely" Hesitate people..!! therefore, he didnt choose Robert Pires and David Trezequet who both are Scorpio "23 & 29 Oct" despite thier Such an excellent performance this season..

Trezequet Scored 22 goals to his team Juventos in Calcio "italian League" while Rober Pires had a great role to lead his team Villarrel to 2nd place in la liga "Spanish League"..

Okey, For God sake of scorpio Defence, Just to let you know Mr. Domench, Scorpio are Kolish Loyal & tha means they care alot about the close people to them...when they do a job, they Hesitate...because they want to seek perfection and in same way not to effect badly on close football means they hesitate because they want every pass to be right and effective, every chance to score is to be a goal, and you know Mr. Domench like i do that ROber Pires is the best play maker in the world since he was in Arsenal Or Villarrel as well as in france and trezequet is rarely miss his chance in front of the goal....and if you move back your Rusty Head 8 yrs ago Exactly in Euro 2000 Final, you will realize that Trezequet Scored the Winning goal while Pires was the one who assist the pass to Trezequet...

Just Imagine Domench to be a manager of Argentina in 1986, He will not Chosse Maradona who's in fact Scorpio "29 Oct" Just Because he's scorpio, the greatest Player in Football Histroy is Scorpio and hell Yea, He HESITATES, Got It..!!!

I was Watching Euro 2008 to see Domench and his team france, they got the best players in the Tournament but eventually they kicked out & frankly, i was so Happy, because Of Domench Unrealistic chossing of player Squad, He finally got what he Desrves, He got a Scorpio Cruise..Mwahahaha

Hint: His Problem with Leo, especially in defence, because he thinks in a moment Leo would Show off, and if a defence show off and made a mistake, that would be a problem, but in spite of that he choose Gallas in deffence bas didnt pick Clichy who's the best left Side back in England League, also Choose Thierry Henry and all three are Leo...So he dont have that big problems like he has with Scorpio..

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Cheater Busted..?!

Today, In Examination Class, Before i Start My Final Exam of "Reactor Design" , Some Supervisor in the class "Teacher", Asked Us Loudly to Pay attention To him..!!

I said With MySelf: Wth..?!

We all looked to him while he was flapping his files and then he takes one paper, i assummed its an announcement..

it was a warning, it states that anyone who cheats, will fail this Yr in all lessons & Wont have any chance to reconsider this decision..!!

The Reason of that because, 2nd grade & 4th grade Students of my department "Chemical Eng." were having final exam yesterday "15-6-2008" each for their lesson..

Some Girl from 2nd Grade was writting Some thermoDynamic Equations in her hand, in fact it was just ONE Equation..!! She Got Busted and according to the statment, She will fail this Yr and re study it again next Yr...just for one Foolish Behavior & to be Honest i know that girl, i talked to her twice and first time i talk to her while i was sitting with a friend of me in 2nd grade and she came and sat with us...She got a fun spirit & farnkly i didnt expect she will do this, i feel so sry for her..

But in other side, she desrve it, i mean for GOD SAKE, you Spoiled everything...all that time you were studying and you earse it all in ONE STUPID MISTAKE....and for What..?! Just to Pass this Exam in First Attend..!!!!

I Dont Know How you feel now or how did You tell Your family..?! I Can Tell that your life now looking just like Hell...Seriously I feel Sorry To You And hope You Will get over it next Yr...
Update: Today We recieved Another Announcement about One Guy i also Know Got Busted Yesterday "17-6-2008" During HUMAN RIGHTS exam...!!

NeW Chicks In The HouSe..!!!

Before I Start, in not So long time (12 Yrs ago :D), My family including Me started to raise chicken & ducks as well as cats for sure, You Know Just to kill Time...then we get rid of them (Ducks and Chikens) nearly in 2002, then in 2004 we broght a rabbit and also Two Turtle but Both ( Rabbit & Two Turtle) Ran Away...

In March this Yr...My Father Decided to bring new kitchens again to the house

So we Boooooooooooought...

Aldeej got the Name "Kooky"

While i called al chicken "Stupid"

After that, Kooky asked Koma time for hand of Stupid but all time Her answer Was NoOoO

Until One Day, I Wake Up early (6:30 Am), While i was going to feed them (Kooky and Stupid, Cats & Also through Sm Snacks to Birds), They Got Married :D

After that, Kooky Got Wild, Kolish Kolish Kolish Wild, Just Like he Kept His feelings and Emotions Inside afraid to express them but he's free to express them now just like a living of a Typical Iraqi Citizins Before 2003 & N0w...

As a result of this Wildly behavior, Mrs Kooky (Stupid) Starts to....


She Sat there and didnt get out For Days..!!

So, ALdeej felt Lonely & Starts to Jump to other Houses searching for other Love (Dejaja)

Smtimes We See him far from Home in the Street..

We Noticed that, understanding His Feeling, So we Decided to Bring another Cutie (Chicken)

So We Brought......

But As you Can See...She Seems Kolish Sleepy

In Spite of Deej get Used of her and her Cool Company, He was after all satisfied...Why Not, He Got the Most Charming Dejaja that any Deej could Ever Have

Then One Day

YaaaaaaaaaY, We Got New Chicks

unfortunate FarFoor Bin Sanfor Bin SoonSon Known also as "Farfoor the 2nd", Ate One of them ( He Got Punish Because of that)

FarFoor the 2nd

For now, Aldeej is Looking just fine like You can See Here

Out Of Subject:

If You have a deej and put Your Finger there....He will Freeze for Seconds...

He looks Funny after You Do That..


Friday, June 6, 2008

My Weird Nightmare..!!

first...its kinda an old event happened in 5/4/2007...I posted it in other pages...but i like to post here too...

So here's the story: In Tuesday April 5th...i was sleeping and i was having weird nightmare...i dont remember it that much but in general i can describe it as nearly 2 - 2:30 hours of watching American action & horror movie in same time & Hell Ya I Am the Main character or Al Hero Mal this movie...For starter, all my dreams begin with so reality life*...i mean in the dream i saw myself doing normal things i usually do everyday...but things getting worse when all the world truns to high alarm due to some sudden bad things happened which will effect so badly on the world in all parts of life...anyway there's some monster responsible of this and that one is UNBEATEN "hehe" getting so darker & so so damn scary and some huge wars happen that contained so damn scary & horrible scenes...many detials i dont actually remember but the changing point of all that is when i reached some level i dont how i reach it but with it i will suddenlly use some super natural ability that will make difference...from that point i will transfer to some secret place where i got more details and info about things around the world, the killing, bombs, stuff like that...then i dont know, the picture is getting darker and but then i saw myself wearing military clothes in so dark place with some dudes searching for that evil dude " The UNBEATEN One"....anyway he bagin to kill us one after another till i saw him and jumped to him but with my bad luck we fall into so so so deep hole and it was kinda like we were fallen from the sky because the backround was like a sunny weather...we were falling down and fighting each other & flipping in the air while fighting, but the most intresting thing that in the dream i was watching myself with that monster while we were falling & fighting just like someone put a camera falling in front of us and the other thing that the acceleration of falling was rapidly increase...of course there was sound effects & good director skills in scenes"it was just like some scene from al movie mal final fantasy" the end we hit the floor but i was upside that monster so he hit the floor first and he began to yetfase5 and he was Yelling NOooo ....i was fine and nothing happened to me dont know y but the bad thing happened after his death....some kinda of curse he had moved from him to me and made me like him and that place was so eeeeeeee3 in way i cant describe & i tried to get up from this hole but i failed....its just like that u go to hell so early lets say from the beginning of humanity and be there till the judgement day which u dont when its gonna happen...being so lonely all that time in that so ee3 place and u can get out of it....Kolish weird nightmare mo

*Hintaya: my dreams Kolish realistic ...well as i remember in that dream the last time i checked my watch before the last fight was 4:30 am when i wake i thought it was 4:45 am and before i go to sleep... i set al mobile to ring at 4 am...
so, i was wondering Why al mobile didnt ring in 4 am..?! but after that i realized that i wake up at 2:35 am....SO, have a nice Nightmare.!!
Other thing: al pic mal this journal is kinda like that UNBEATEN Monster in My dream :D

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Super Tickle IQ Test..!! Taken in 2006

After one yr of taking this test in tickle, they gave me the full report about my super IQ test, so if u r patient read it to know me better or drop it.

I Took this test in 2006, so Maybe i've changed for better or worse, but the way i think is so damn Right, just like the Mention Below...So, Here's the Full Report

Your thinkin style is "Creative theorist" Your IQ score is 117.

This means that you are smarter than 87.0% of all other Super IQ test takers. This number is

Your test results indicate that the way you process information makes you a Creative Theorist. You are a highly intelligent, complex person. You process all kinds of information easily, using the power of both your creative and analytic abilities. In any situation, you know how to extract the most valuable details and use them to understand the larger picture. Most people do not have your talent of being able to spot both numerical and visual patterns. Your highly imaginative mind allows you to be innovative, and conjure up notions of what could be. In some circles this is called "thinking outside the box" and is considered an extremely valuable asset. However, not everyone is prepared for such an active imagination and you may find you have to spend time convincing people of your great ideas. It might behoove you to find others like you, who are able to understand how your mind works.

Here's an example of your Creative Theorist thinking skills at work in a real-life situation:

You go to a symphony with a bunch of friends. The way the conductor moves his arms during the performance makes you think of patterns you have studied in physics. You remember the movement of a pendulum and how a cradle rocks back and forth in the same motion, and you tell yourself that you are going to dig up your old school books just to brush up on other related concepts. When the concert ends, you feel compelled to tell your friends about the beautiful intersection you witnessed between science and art. They'll most likely see what you mean, but they would never have come up with the association on their own. Thank goodness you think the way you do!

My IQ dimensions

1.Spatial Ability:

You scored 99 out of 100. You use spatial ability to judge the relationship between objects and physical space, like a parked car and the width of the road. It is also what helps you visualize a room when you are decorating or rearranging furniture.

2. Verbal Ability:

Your verbal ability score is 96 out of 100. Verbal ability means having an expansive range of vocabulary, being able to use it, and feeling a desire to add to it. It is also what allows you to comprehend the relationships and subtle difference between words.

3. Abstract Reasoning Ability:

Your score is 93 out of 100. With abstract reasoning you can think on multiple levels and see relationships between ideas that are not easily apparent. When you're using your abstract reasoning skills, you draw on both external logical and creative sources of information to come up with your solution.

4. Mechanical Ability:

You scored 88 out of 100. Mechanical ability is what helps you understand how machines and tools work. Someone with a good amount of mechanical ability probably has an innate understanding of physics. High mechanical skill is also associated with a high degree of precision and practical thinking.

5. Logical Ability:

Your scored 82 out of 100. Logical ability is what you use when determining whether or not something makes sense. You rely on logic when analyzing an argument, step-by-step. This ability also contributes to your aptitude for recognizing underlying patterns.

6. numerical Ability:

You scored 76 out of 100. You use numerical ability when you spot a numerical pattern or solve a numerical equation.

7. Visual Ability:

Your score is 73 out of 100. Visual ability allows you to accurately visualize all aspects of an object for the purposes of recreating it, the way painters do. It's also what you use to imagine a scene from a novel or a story someone tells you ?e ability to accurately reproduce reality in the mind's eye.

8. Organizational Ability:

Your organizational ability score is 58 out of 100. Organizational ability is what allows you to organize and arrange information effectively, be precise, and proofread carefully.

Tips for improving your IQ:

1.Get more oxygen to your brain. You'll be able to think more clearly. To do this, go for a walk, or simply take deep, long breaths. Practicing yoga is also good. Some even claim you can get more oxygen by swimming underwater, and holding your breath for longer and longer periods of time. This increases the amount of oxygen in your brain and will allow you to focus better on the test.

2.Take time to relax. If you feel anxious, you'll probably make more mistakes. Practice peaceful visualization, imagining scenes that are calming to you. Meditate or do whatever it is you know calms you down, before taking the test.

3.Listen to Mozart. It may sound like a stretch, but some researchers have found that listening to Mozart actually increases your spatial IQ. They call it the Mozart Effect and believe that the music stabilizes the neural connections necessary for spatial-temporal abilities

4.Practice, practice, practice. Take a range of different types of IQ tests. The greater the range of problems, the more ready you'll be to tackle the unexpected on a new IQ test. Why not take Tickle's Ultimate IQ test, if you haven't already.