Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fraud SMS..!!!

Here's Some Of Fraud SMS:

This one, i was Sleeping late..MY bro came to me in early morning regarding this Msg, i told him this msg is fraud but he didnt believe..So he called and lost 5$ for nothing..

This One was for Me, i was Sleeping when i get that Msg...I didnt call In case Smone ask..!!

The Number is Kolish similar to the Number Mal Gold Competion from MBC for Iraq "ZainIQ"

Out Of SubJect:

This game called Sudoku Stored in my Cell, I Am freak Mal Mind Games like Chess & classic ones like Pac Man & others , this game i played it koma times per day & cant get enough of it..

The Last Day Of life...How i want it to Be..?!

Its Been Kolish Long Time Since My last Journal, Maybe because i was busy With moving Stuff " I moved to Zayouna" & dont have wahis to write even thought there's koma things in my mind to think about it...

We all hear about ppl killed their selves or wished to die for various reasons..if I just think like them, Why they want to end up their life..?! Lets say i will wake up in morning and i will say this is my last day, i will kill myself or wanna to die now, first quiz will jump to me is, Would i really want to do what i am going to do today..?!

if my answer was yes i will go for it, but if Nooo....Gosh there's koma things in me need to change to get over this idea..Smthing Wrong and must find exactly and way to get rid of it...

Anyway, the point of this introduction is for this:

One day, a friend i know asked this quiz in her Scrapbook: What Would you do if u knew today is the last day and by next morning u will be dead..?! When i read this, i think, think, think and didnt get that good answer, then in the middle of the same day, i was sitting & mako thing to do and this quiz jumped to my head, so i thought deeply about it and here it comes:

Back in england when i was young, there was a place Named Folkestone southern of England its famous of having good nature views and some mountains & hills, we used to go there and having so many beautiful pics there, if i knew that Today is my last day and i will die in the next morning...I would go to place having Mountains and good nature view in Js like the ones in Folk., the mountain should be high or higher enough to see everything around, i must climb it early in the morning and should reach the top before the sunset, in the time of the sunset i would set on the edge, watching the sun while it disappears behind the mountains...

In the night i wont sleep, i would lay back and look to the stars as i hear the winds over me and thinking so deeply about things i achieve in my life and things i didnt, things i am proud of and things i Am not..things i regret about them and want them to be removed from my life and things if i just did it, it will make a difference in my life...I will think about my friends and welling to have a good image about me in their minds, i will thing about my family (Parens, bro, Grandma...Etc) welling that i made them proud of me, i will think about my first crush, first love, my wife and kids if i had and welling that i was good for them, i will think about my happiness and sadness and late in the night i will pray for god, not asking him for heaven or forgivness, but i will ask him to see my whole life and give me what i deserve, if it would be hell, i will be sad but let it be and if heaven, of course i will be glad...Who doesnt..?!

Then i will sit again on the edge and wait for the sun rise and see the Sun light spread everywhere and when things get clear and the world looks so tiny under my feet, i will stand up and scream as loud as i can and say "I Am the King OF The World,WoooooooooooooooooooW" and i must hear Echo mal voice of mine and should spread between mountains and everyone around the region should hear my voice, freeze for seconds without saying a word as they thought this voice was from the sky...Hahahah, then i will close my eyes for ever and rest in peace