Thursday, June 4, 2015

Chapter 5 - May 2015

Life keeps rolling, my world keeps falling
  • The best way to forget something is to distract yourself.
  • I was reading inferno for Dan Brown, to be quiet honest, from the beginning it attracts my mind to keep reading, very informative book and quite interesting. Eager to read more from Brown.
  • We all have times to feel like we are living in a routine, this is what i feel at work. but even though, it will not break me and keeps me of doing a good job after all.
  • It is usually when you have a heart broken from someone, you get away from H/her, in my case, she is been all around in every working day.
  • I feel i am not able to control my life, i lost control, feel so tired, it is not like i want to, but i force myself to do things that not necessary to do for others. 

Adivce To Myself

Let your past makes you better not bitter.