Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chapter One - January 2015

In life
Helping Others is nice 
Helping too much is bad for you ONLY
but I keep doing it for same person, for years
  • They Say it's a new year, a new hope , a new plan & a new you, I don't see any.
  • I Am tired, confused and exhausted 
  • In the beginning of this month , i was wondering what she is doing ?! she is been in recovery since last month and back on 14th, she seems happy of outcome which is great. i was wondering if she thought the same back to me like i did. or not ?!  
Advise to myself

 If a man lives on his past, then he takes out the present and forgets about the future.
if a man ignores the past, he may take out the future and forgets his present.
Keep your past, learn from mistakes and live the present to seed the future like you want it to be.