Thursday, March 26, 2015

Two sides of one story - صورتين لقصة واحدة

من المواقف الغريبة التي تصادفها بحياتك 

شخصين لكل منهما مشاعر أو أراء متشابهة ولكن متناقضة بنفس الوقت حول شخص/موضوع معين
والسبب حالتكما مع هذا الشخص/الموضوع أو كيف هذا الحدث ممكن يكون أيجابي أو سلبي وقت حدوثه لكِلا الشخصين
ما تعرف تأيد لو ترفض.
لأنه بالتأكيد أذا أيدت فالشخص الأخر راح يأخذها بمبدأ تفهم الوضع من قبلك
وأذا رفضت فراح يتفاجيء ويريد يعرف سبب الرفض وعدم تفهمك
خصوصا أذا عرف بأنه بطريقة ما هو جزء من السبب ويمكن أصلا ما يفهمك
 فالأحسن تسكت
لأنه السكوت علامة الرضا
أو بمعنى أخر تخليها على الله لأنه مليوصه من جهتك مو من جهة الشخص الأخر
حتى صورة مناسبة لهاي الحالة ما لكيت 

One of the odd/bizarre situation you may face in your life
two people have same but somehow opposite feeling or opinion about specific person/subject
 and this depends on your current status with that person/subject or how this event  will reflect adversely or favorable once it occurs to both parties
and the problem is...
you don't know if you have to agree or disagree.
Because, if you agree then indeed, the other person will see it as a sign of understanding from you
however, if you didn't , then you have to explain,  he will be surprised and curious to know why ?!
and what it's funny is
you can't say why ?! since this person somehow may be involved in it or may not understand
so, last thing last
it is better to be quiet when you face      
silence implies your consent
or in other meaning, let it go, the headache is yours not H/Hers

I Didn't find a picture to illustrate deeper

Monday, March 2, 2015

Chapter Two - February 2015

Every cloud has a silver lining.

  • I am very blessed in the beginning of this month, very busy in the middle , very confused in the end
  • Life is shifting direction to positive side in some points, resides in shadows in other points.
  • I love books, I need to buy books, at least i can run away to a world of my imagination not like my world.
  • Killing people is like a salad to some people, i feel bad if i have doubt of hurting someone feelings even without no intention to do so.
  • if you work on yourself , you will get a reward after all.
  • I feel like i am loosing her, she is pushing her self away, is it me ?! or what ?! 

Advise to myself 
Be Optimistic after all, what meant to you, will always be to you what meant not to you
well, you will figure out how to make it for you after all.