Friday, April 17, 2015

Chapter 3 - March 2015

You Can lose your pride to the one you love, rather than lose the one you love because of pride

  • I Lost her, completely; lost my heart with her.
  • It feels like my life is like re-run show, with minor changes on it. And the only thing that varies is that i am older in age, more experience and more disappointment and devastating inside. 
  • I was working on something that will make my life better on financial and work aspect; i am waiting for a outcomes of my results, will it be a new hope or another disappointment ?! 
  • An Old thought always jumps into my mind and i am starting to accept it: since my childhood, i decided to work on myself, practically and intellectually , always depend on myself to do things that i want to do from simplest things by making breakfast or hard things like take care of myself in all aspects, this all based on facts that i don't want to be dependable on someone and i am master of myself and ready to offer help when needed and preparing myself to live in the end: ALONE.
  • Whoever said books are best friend in all time, then i bow for him #almotanabbi