Thursday, September 3, 2015

Chapter 8 - August 2015

Moving forward into a new horizon, but holding down my scars

  • It's a new month, new life, new work, new everything.
  • Day by day, I feel more appreciated and more respected than ever.
  • Maybe it is the first time that i feel i am part of something big and i am as important as anyone else
  • It's a best plan to check if what i felt was genuine or not "for her".
  • I realized later and despite new colleagues and work, i still thinking about what she is doing?!
  • In Fact, I heard she is nervous in these days, don't know why?! 
  • I Am learning new stuff, the more i get in depth, the more i am amazed of how organized my work place is and the more i know how deep i fall into her.