Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chapter Nine - September 2015

Moving forward; Holding a jar of a broken heart & a lantern of a bright future.

  • This Month was a test to my ability to adopt with a new work environment.
  • I proved again to myself that all my hardships are finally ready to harvest.
  • I always say to myself: never under-estimate anything, it may sound easy to do or not an important advice but you have to keep learning & focus on everything said to your or read it because these small details will show how great work is.
  • It has been over a two months since i moved away from her and my ex-work.
  • Love can be proven to be real and sincere if distance didn't change anything toward the other person.
  • When your hearts beats so fast, you legs is shaking like you can't even stand a still & you wondering why is that?!
  • This how i felt when i came back to my ex-work place, walking to her room.
  • She looks beautiful like always, her smile, her hair, her voice, her everything.
  • Sorry Mind, My heart won again :(